Monday, September 11, 2006

Scar - Season two

This episode is one of the great ones. Not only because it is very well acted but the storyline is great. They identify this Cylons Raider as different from the others (although they all look the same) because he sneaks up on people to kill them and then jumps away. It feels like it has a soul. Sharon even tells Starbuck, that Scar (as they named him) is probably very angry after being killed a few times (and been reborn of course).
In addition, Apollo and Starbuck finally kiss! But it's not the kiss we were execting. Still it's better than nothing, it will keep us waiting for another one to come.
Too bad Starbuck is still hung up on her love back in Caprica.
But all this does is only give us something to wait for, and as a result will keep us watching.
Will Starbuck and Apollo finally get together?

The episode ends on a sad note, as Starbuck drinnks to all the fighters who died.

So say we all...

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